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Game description

A puzzle game in which you have to remove red shapes from the screen by transforming boxes and balls. Transform your way through all twenty levels!

Similar to WereBox

Similar to WereBox

Game comments

i didnt get dis game actually boring i didnt understood ya onli 1 level pass
28. October 2011
really cool game!
25. October 2011
faith20 really?
29. September 2011
I loooooveee this game!
28. September 2011
game is awesome
11. September 2011
hav 2 do evry level at least twice
03. June 2011
really cool!
26. May 2011
All levels. No skips.
04. May 2011
nice game
14. March 2011
I'm really impressed. Sorry for spamming
19. December 2010
its soo addicting lol hehe
14. December 2010
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average 3.74
8 votes