Soy Luna: Candy Shooter

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Soy Luna Candy Shooter is a new game inspired from our favorite show from Disney Channel, Soy Luna. In this game your precision and agility will be tested because without this qualities you will ot be able to complete your goal in every level. Using the mouse in this game you have to shoot the candies in order to destroy them all in every level. If you do that in a short time you will get extra points for the time so be careful, be fast. In the right side of the screen is Luna who is supporting you to get a log of points in order to reach the top of the best players. The first levels are always easier, to help you get comfortable with the game but you don`t have to hurry to underestimate the difficulty of the game, because as you progress in higher levels you will have to work harder to accomplish your objective. To destroy the candies you have to bring together at least three candies that are the same shape and color. At the top you have the candies that must be destroyed to complete your goal.
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