Scoops N Ladders

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Game description

Donald needs your help making the tallest ice cream cone in the world. Click on Donald or press the space bar to drop a scoop of ice cream on the moving cone.

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Similar to Scoops N Ladders

Game comments

Just enjoy the game!
20. October 2011
22. September 2011
lol @ music
15. September 2011
02. September 2011
huhahahahI have got 60 scoops you all lose i wins
15. August 2011
its kinda boring
04. August 2011
27. July 2011
I do like this game
27. July 2011
onyl 10 scoops
27. July 2011
53 scoop
28. May 2011
13. May 2011
i glitched it
03. May 2011
03. May 2011
22 scoops
17. March 2011
30 scopops
16. February 2011
I have got 50 scoops you all lose i win.
12. December 2010
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