Papa's Burgeria


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Game description

In this sequel to the award-winning hit game “Papa’s Pizzeria”, you’re headed back to the kitchen to run Papa Louie’s new burger shop! New customers and old favorites will visit the Burgeria, and you’ll have to take orders, grill burgers, add toppings, and serve the sandwiches to the waiting customers. Visit the new Upgrade Shop at the end of each day, where you can spend your hard-earned tips on a number of helpful items, including a door chime, grill timers, a heat lamp, and various decorations to help improve your score.

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Game comments

14. December 2013
30. September 2013
24. September 2013
something I do not understand why these people watching and the food will not taste it
22. September 2013
out of this world lol
28. June 2013
19. September 2012
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