Bullet Time Reaction

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Game description

Bullet Time Reaction is a round reaction time tester. In each round you have to dodge the speeding bullet as soon as the gun is fired, and as the rounds progress you've got less time to react.

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Game comments

4th hmm... not bad
11. May 2016
17. September 2015
#5 I can do better tho!
19. August 2015
Does Bullet on the way really sounds like this
08. May 2014
03. May 2013
03. May 2013
yipeee i'm first
21. March 2012
31. January 2012
pretty cool
18. July 2011
good reflex!
04. April 2011
31. January 2011
too slow

26. January 2011
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average 2.74
7 votes