Brain Vita

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Game description

The objective of the game is to remove all the smileys but for a single smiley in the grid. If there are two adjacent smileys and an empty block next to any one of them in the same direction, you can move a smiley over another to an empty block, and the smiley that remains immobile will be removed.

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Game comments

lovely game...i like it <3
just for intellectual people...reached onto level 10
02. September 2013
it is amazing
08. October 2011
sweet game
23. August 2011
not bad
12. August 2011
how 1 level?
04. August 2011
1 level
19. July 2011
13. July 2011
Not Very Fun
20. June 2011
i finally beat it
22. April 2011
very very very very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.not fun
12. February 2011
28. January 2011
i beat it joo
26. January 2011
not for me
14. December 2010
N_W_A is the game is amazing???????
n ya sanjiv de game is made up 4 u as bad as u!!!!!!!!just kidding
18. November 2010
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