Bra Blaster

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Game description

A funny flash game where you have to use the bra blaster gun to collect clothes from the girls that are hiding in the house. To start the game simply pick the girl you want to hunt, aim the gun and fire.. If you can collect enough clothes you may do a special bonus round :) This flash game is quite addictive and funny to play, based on scarey movie 4.

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Game comments

22. September 2013
yea very funny which one is more sexier
30. June 2012
even i made her nake but she truned in a skeleton
30. June 2012
ithere boobs
05. April 2012
31. January 2012
bmxboy where?
22. October 2011
17. October 2011
for man
09. October 2011
03. August 2011
gagalady only a duck would say that
17. June 2011
i searched for this
23. May 2011
18. May 2011
08. May 2011
hahahahahahaha i made her niked
03. January 2011
15. November 2010
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