Bartender: The Right Mix

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Game description

Welcome to our cocktail mixing game for bar masters! Try making a gin tonic or juice vodka. Use whisky, absinthe, champagne or cognac to make a perfect drink. You can't mix beer here ;)

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Game comments

try using some lime juice, then Vodka, then cranberry juice, and add ice ,and you will make his day.
23. April 2016
nice game
26. February 2015
powsome game
03. May 2014
mazay dar
09. April 2014
ghatiyaa game ee oyyy
29. March 2014
13. January 2014
y cant I stop killing him
04. November 2013
love this game
12. August 2013
hehehehehe i killed this person
31. July 2013
Ne uba igrata ama GTA San Andreas e ubava.
02. July 2012
can anyone beat me...?
23. February 2012
i love vodhka
12. February 2012
Never Under Estimate The Vodka Juice.
03. February 2012
vodka juice the best
14. December 2011
13. October 2011
12. October 2011
05. October 2011
fun game
22. September 2011
bang bang
20. September 2011
the best game ever!!!!
18. September 2011
10. September 2011
I ♥ this game
06. September 2011
hahahahahah its funny i like it
27. August 2011
05. August 2011
03. August 2011
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29 votes