Air Hockey

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Game description

Select your country and play against the other top teams of the world, beat them all and become the World Champion. The first player to accumulate seven points wins the game. You win a point by hitting the puck in the opponents goal. The player who scores a point will have the possession of the puck for the next serve. The puck can be struck with any part of the mallet. Use your Mouse to move your mallet and hit the puck.

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i love this game!!!
14. December 2015
nice post
22. October 2015
19. August 2015
I gave them points
19. August 2015
not nice on cool
05. July 2014
01. July 2014
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07. April 2014
18. March 2014
27. September 2013
30. September 2012
11. April 2012
11. April 2012
28. March 2012
kako da ne
28. January 2012
14. January 2012
01. December 2011
Nice post
29. September 2011
nice game
21. April 2011
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